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It’s Shopping Time – Sports Bra Edition (UPDATE)

Nothing like starting a new hobby to give me an excuse to shop. It’s been over a month since I started jogging regularly. It’s time to bring out the plastic.

Some people have suggested (to my face) that I may have a shopping problem. Blasphemy! I’m a great shopper. Almost never do I buy anything on the fly (unless it’s therapy shopping, which is perfectly acceptable).¬†As I transform myself into a runner, I’ve started to research a few key items I’ll need at my disposal:

  • Running Shoes
  • Running Bra
  • Chronometer
  • Running Shorts
  • T-Shirts/Tank Tops

First order of business is the running bra.

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The Curious Case Of The New Balance Pedometer And Google Maps

What is a mile? Or more specifically, how far is a mile? I always thought it was a standard measure of distance. Wikipedia says it’s 1.609344 km or 5,280 ft – and if it’s in Wikipedia, it must be true. Then why is it that New Balance and Google Maps can’t seem to agree?

From the moment I started running I wanted to measure my progress. I thought that more than running pants, sunblock or even running shoes, a pedometer was an essential tool in a runner’s toolbox. Damn the day I decided to go to Target and get myself one.

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