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My First 5Kation

  • Posted in races by Rosaleen Ortiz on September 17. 2010 at 9:40 am · · 1 comment·

My First 5Kation

Last week I took a detour on my way to Tahoe from Sacramento and stopped by Davis, Calif. to run on the Labor Day 5K race – my first ever 5Kation!

15┬ĚKa┬Ětion noun, often attributive \?f?v-?k?-sh?n \: a vacation in which an individual runs a 5K

And run I did — even if my time of 35.01 suggests some walking.

Here’s my view as I approached the finish line (and yes, the 2nd place finish in the 10K crossed the line behind me):

Thanks Pat and Maury for joining me!

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What People Said:
#1 Jenn

Yay! Congrats on running your first race! :)